D20 System


Reference Title Product Line
The Goblin Fair Not set

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG)

Reference Title Product Line
AEG8520 Adventure I Not set
AEG8521 Adventure II Not set
AEG8304 Against the Barrow King Not set
AEG8343 Bitter Waters Not set
AEG8350 Blood on White Petals Not set
AEG8310 Bring him back alive Not set
AEG8301 Castle Zadrian Not set
AEG8556 Cathay: Jewel of the East Swashbuckling Adventures
AEG8344 Covenent Hill Not set
AEG8320 Dawn of the Serpent Not set
AEG8313 Dead Man's Cove Not set
AEG8502 Dragons Not set
AEG8327 Dungeons Not set
AEG8518 Empire Not set
AEG8501 Evil Not set
AEG8554 Explorer's Society Swashbuckling Adventures
AEG8334 Fall From Grace Not set
AEG8515 Feats Not set
AEG8333 Folnar's Dagger Not set
AEG8314 Garadon Manor Not set
AEG8510 Gods Not set
AEG8513 Good Not set
AEG8319 Gottheit Not set
AEG8519 Guilds Not set
AEG8551 Heroes, Villains and Monsters Swashbuckling Adventures
AEG8326 Honor Among Thieves Not set
AEG8341 In Cold Blood Not set
AEG8553 Islands of Gold: The Midnight Archipelago Swashbuckling Adventures
AEG8305 Jerimond's Orb Not set
AEG8331 Kin and Kinsmen Not set
AEG8559 Knights & Musketeers Swashbuckling Adventures
AEG8308 Kurishan's Garden Not set
AEG8342 Legacy of Madness Not set
AEG8512 Magic Not set
AEG8511 Mercenaries Not set
AEG8509 Monster Not set
AEG8335 No Mercy Not set
AEG8306 Out of Body Out of Mind Not set
AEG8317 Princes Thieves & Goblins Not set
AEG8560 Rapier's Edge Swashbuckling Adventures
AEG8516 Relics Not set
AEG8506 River of Blood Not set
AEG8522 Secrets Not set
AEG8315 Servants of the Blood Moon Not set
AEG8557 Ships and Sea Battles Swashbuckling Adventures
AEG8555 Strongholds and Hideouts Swashbuckling Adventures
AEG8302 Sundered Faith Not set
AEG8550 Swashbuckling Adventures Swashbuckling Adventures
AEG8552 Swashbuckling Arcana Swashbuckling Adventures
AEG8325 Temple of the Iron Codex Not set
AEG8345 That Which Does Not Die Not set
AEG8339 The Caravan City of Azul Not set
AEG8307 The Crypt of St. Bethesda Not set
AEG8351 The Daisho and the Ninja Not set
AEG8336 The Dark Elf City of Hosuth Not set
AEG8346 The Flesh is Weak Not set
AEG8332 The Gauntlet Not set
AEG8340 The Harbinger Not set
AEG8311 The Heart of Amun Khonshu Not set
AEG8316 The Ice Caves of Azinth Not set
AEG8323 The Illusionist's Daughter Not set
AEG8324 The Lash of Malloc Not set
AEG8322 The Last Defender Not set
AEG8309 The Last Gods Not set
AEG8329 The Lost King Not set
AEG8312 The Murder of the Seven Points Not set
AEG8337 The Ogre City of Drahk'Suhl Not set
AEG8338 The Prison City of Hell's Reach Not set
AEG8321 The Red Isle Not set
AEG8558 The Sidhe: Book of Nightmares Swashbuckling Adventures
AEG8328 The Temple of Eternal Flame Not set
AEG8330 The Wreck of the Venerable Drake Not set
AEG8303 Tomb of the Overseers Not set
AEG8514 Toolbox Not set
AEG8348 Treachery's Reward Not set
AEG8504 Undead Not set
AEG8349 Unspoken Shame Not set
AEG8508 War Not set
AEG8517 Wilds Not set
World's Largest City Not set
AEG8523 World's Largest Dungeon Not set

Atlas Games

Reference Title Product Line
AG3210 Backdrops Penumbra
AG3209 Beyond the Veil Penumbra
AG3400 Burning Shaolin Not set
AG3223 Crime and Punishment Penumbra
AG3227 Dork20 Not set
AG3220 Dynasties and Demagogues Penumbra
AG3207 En Route Penumbra
AG3222 En Route II: By Land or By Sea Penumbra
AG3228 En Route III: The Road Less Traveled Penumbra
AG3218 Fantasy Bestiary Penumbra
AG3202 In the Belly of the Beast Penumbra
AG3403 Last Hero in Scandinavia Not set
AG3216 Lean & Hungry Penumbra
AG3226 Love and War Penumbra
AG3206 Maiden Voyage Penumbra
AG3700 Nyambe: African Adventures Not set
AG3702 Nyambe: Ancestral Vault Not set
AG3701 Nyambe: Dire Spirits Not set
AG3214 Occult Lore Penumbra
AG3225 Sacred Ground II Penumbra
AG3221 Sacred Ground: A Sourcebook of Holy Sites Penumbra
AG3213 Seven Cities Penumbra
ATG3230 Seven Civilizations Penumbra
ATG3229 Seven Serpents Penumbra
AG3212 Seven Strongholds Penumbra
AG3217 Splintered Peace Penumbra
AG3401 The Ascension of the Magdalene Not set
AG3402 The Black Monks of Glastonbury Not set
AG3211 The Ebon Mirror Penumbra
AG3208 The Last Dance Penumbra
AG3203 The Tide of Years Penumbra
AG3201 Thieves in the Forest Penumbra
AG3200 Three Days to Kill Penumbra
AG3204 Touched by the Gods Penumbra
AG3219 Uncommon Character Penumbra
AG3215 Unhallowed Halls Penumbra

Auran Games

Reference Title Product Line
AUG1001 Dark Awakenings: Guardian Not set
AUG1002 Dark Awakenings: Shadowland Not set
AUG1003 Sanctuary Not set

Avalanche Press LTD

Reference Title Product Line
APL913 All for One and One for All Not set
APL916 Aztecs: Empire of the Dying Sun Not set
APL909 Black Flags: Piracy in the Caribbean Not set
APL918 Celtic Age: Roleplaying the Myths Heroes and Monsters of the Celts Not set
APL908 Doom of Odin: Tales of the Norse Gods Not set
APL915 Endless Sands: Arabian Adventures Not set
APL903 Greenland Saga: The Lost Norse Colony Not set
APL912 I Mordred: The Fall and Rise of Camelot Not set
APL904 Jade and Steel Not set
APL0911 Nile Empire: War in Heliopolis Not set
APL922 Noble Knights: A d20 Guide to Knightly Orders Not set
APL920 Noble Steeds: A d20 Guide to Horses & Mounts Not set
APL902 Ragnarok! Tales of the Norse Gods Not set
APL0901 The Last Days of Constantinople Not set
APL921 The Little People: A d20 Guide to Fairies Not set
APL905 Twilight of Atlantis Not set
APL929 Viking Age: Roleplaying the Myths Heroes & Monsters of the Vikings Not set
APL907 Vlad the Impaler: Blood Prince of Wallachia Not set

Badaxe Games

Reference Title Product Line
OSE0006 Heroes of High Favor Collection 1 Not set
BA02101 Heroes of High Favor: Dwarves Not set
BA02103 Heroes of High Favor: Elves Not set
BA03104 Heroes of High Favor: Halflings Not set
BA02102 Heroes of High Favor: Half-Orcs Not set

Bastion Press

Reference Title Product Line
BAS1012 Into the Green: A Guide to Forests, Jungles, Woods, and Plains Not set
Airships Not set
BAS1003 Alchemy & Herbalists Not set
BAS1001 Arms & Armor Not set
BAS1010 Faeries Not set
BAS1006 Guildcraft Not set
BAS1015 Into the Black: A Guide to Below Not set
BAS1000 Minions: Fearsome Foes Not set
BAS1014 Oathbound: Arena Not set
BAS1005 Oathbound: Domains of the Forge Not set
BAS1008 Oathbound: Plains of Penance Not set
BAS1011 Oathbound: Wrack & Ruin Not set
BAS1007 Pale Designs: A Poisoner's Handbook Not set
BAS1004 Spells & Magic Not set
BAS1013 Torn Asunder: Critical Hits Not set
BAS1002 Villains Not set

Dark Nebulae

Reference Title Product Line
Shadow Council Archives: Materia Magica Not set

Eden Studios

Reference Title Product Line
EDN7001 Akrasia: Thief of Time Core Products
EDN7005 Fields of Blood: The Book of War Core Products
EDN7000 Liber Bestarius: The Book of Beasts Not set
EDN7003 Secrets of the Ancients Core Products
EDN7101 The War of Shadows Core Products
EDN7004 Waysides: The Book of Taverns Core Products
EDN7002 Wonders Out of Time Core Products

Fantasy Flight Games

Reference Title Product Line
City Works Legends & Lairs
FFGDD22 Daggers at Midnight Legends & Lairs
Darkness & Dread Legends & Lairs
FFGDD02 Darkwoods' Secret Legends & Lairs
FFGDD21 Darwell's Tower Legends & Lairs
Draconic Lore Legends & Lairs
Dungeoncraft Legends & Lairs
Elemental Lore Legends & Lairs
FFGDD23 Froderick's Tomb Legends & Lairs
Giant's Lore Legends & Lairs
FFGDD10 Lost Hunt Legends & Lairs
Mastercraft Anthology Legends & Lairs
MN01 Midnight Not set
Midnight Second Edition Core Products
MN02 Midnight: Against the Shadow Not set
MN05 Midnight: City of Shadow Not set
MN03 Midnight: Crown of Shadow Not set
Midnight: Destiny and Shadow Core Products
MN08 Midnight: Forge of Shadow Core Products
MN09 Midnight: Fury of Shadow Not set
MN14 Midnight: Hammer and Shadow Core Products
MN16 Midnight: Hand of Shadow Core Products
MN12 Midnight: Heart of Shadow Core Products
MN15 Midnight: Legends of Shadow Core Products
MN04 Midnight: Minions of the Shadow Not set
MN06 Midnight: Sorcery and Shadow Core Products
MN10 Midnight: Steel and Shadow Core Products
MN07 Midnight: Under the Shadow Not set
Monsters Handbook Legends & Lairs
FFGDD18 Mythic Races Legends & Lairs
Necromantic Lore Legends & Lairs
FFGDD05 Olenar's Heartstone Legends & Lairs
Path of Faith Legends & Lairs
Path of Magic Legends & Lairs
Path of Shadow Legends & Lairs
Path of the Sword Legends & Lairs
Portals & Planes Legends & Lairs
FFGDD03 Raid on Tonwell Legends & Lairs
FFGDD06 Raven Mine Legends & Lairs
DD41 School of Evocation Legends & Lairs
School of Illusion Legends & Lairs
Seafarer's Handbook Legends & Lairs
FFGDD15 Sign of the Skull Not set
Sorcery & Steam Legends & Lairs
FFGDD24 Spawn of Shurpanakha Legends & Lairs
Spell & Spellcraft : Compendium of Mystic Lore Legends & Lairs
FFGDD19 Steam Dragon's Revenge Legends & Lairs
FFGDD12 The Black Stairs Legends & Lairs
FFGDD07 The Broken Plain Legends & Lairs
FFGDD07 The Dark Tribe Legends & Lairs
FFGDD08 The Dragon's Wish Legends & Lairs
FFGDD04 The Fifth Sepulcher Legends & Lairs
FFGDD01 The Hidden Vault Not set
FFGDD26 The Punishing Passage Not set
FFGDD20 The Sewer Fiend Not set
FFGDD14 The Thief's Gold Legends & Lairs
FFGDD09 The Tuggarth Gauntlet Not set
FFGDD25 The Weeping Tree Not set
FFGDD16 The Wreyland Serpent Not set
FFGDD17 Traps & Treachery Legends & Lairs
Traps & Treachery II Legends & Lairs
Twisted Lore Legends & Lairs
FFGDD13 Voyage to Storm Isle Legends & Lairs
Wildscape Legends & Lairs

Fast Forward Entertainment

Reference Title Product Line
FAF2034 Book of All Spells Not set
FAF2021 Cloud Warriors Not set
FAF2300 d20 Character Record Sheet Not set
FAF2026 Deadliest Creatures Tome Not set
FAF2007 Demonic Lairs Not set
FAF2012 Devilish Dens Not set
FAF2027 Devilish Devices Not set
FAF2010 Dungeon World Not set
FAF2022 Dungeon World: Catacombs Not set
FAF2014 Dungeon World: Secrets of the Enemy Capital Not set
FAF2011 Enchanted Locations Not set
FAF2018 Enchanted Locations: Crypts & Tombs Not set
FAF2025 Encyclopedia of Angels Not set
FAF2019 Encyclopedia of Exotic Weapons Not set
FAF2031 Encyclopedia of Prestige Classes Not set
FAF2020 Encyclopedia of Weaponry Not set
FAF2024 Encylopedia of Villains Not set
FAF2001 Fortress of the Ogre Chieftain Not set
FAF2500 Green Races Not set
FAF2017 Occult Items of Power Not set
FAF2015 Orcfest Not set
FAF2005 Rings of Power Not set
FAF2003 Slave Pits of the Goblin King Not set
FAF2600 Sundered Reaches Campaign Setting Not set
FAF2013 Swords of Evil Not set
FAF2006 Swords of Power Not set
FAF2002 Temple of the Troll God Not set
FAF2502 The Complete Monstrous Fighter's Compendium Not set
FAF2505 The Complete Monstrous Undead Compendium Not set
FAF2503 The Complete Monstrous Wizard's Compendium Not set
FAF2004 The Encyclopedia of Demons & Devils Not set
FAF2016 The Encyclopedia of Demons & Devils Volume II Not set
FAF2008 Treasure Quests Not set
FAF2023 Treasure Quests: Tombs of Ra Not set
FAF2009 Wondrous Items of Power Not set

Fiery Dragon Productions

Reference Title Product Line
WW16003 Beyond All Reason Not set
WW16040 Counter Collection I: The Usual Suspects Not set
WW16041 Counter Collection II: More Characters Creatures and Monsters Not set
FDP16041 Counter Collection II: Revised & Revisited Not set
FDP4007 Counter Collection IV: World of the Diamond Throne Not set
FDP4000 Demons & Devils Counter Pack Not set
FDP4002 Denizens of Dungeons Not set
FDP4006 Dragons Counter Pack Not set
WW16000 Nature's Fury Core Products
FDP1000 NeMoren's Vault Not set
WW16010 Of Sound Mind Not set
FDP4008 Plague of Dreams Not set
WW16006 Psionics Toolkit Not set
WW16005 Queen of Lies Not set
WW16001 The Giant's Skull Core Products
FDP1001 The Silver Summoning Not set
FDP2000 To Stand on Hallowed Ground: Swords Against Deception Not set
FDP4001 Tribes, Clans & Cults Counter Pack 2 Not set

Goodman Games

Reference Title Product Line
GMG2002 Aerial Adventure Guide: Monsters, Magic, and Sky Ships Not set
GMG2000 Aerial Adventure Guide: Rulers of the Sky Not set
GMG2001 Aerial Adventure Guide: Sellaine, Jewel of the Clouds Not set
GMG2004 Aerial Adventure Guide: Sky Captain's Handbook Not set
GMG4300 Beyond Monks: The Art of the Fight Not set
GMG5220 Blackdirge's Dungeon Denizens Not set
GMG4340 Book of Templates: Deluxe Edition Not set
GMG4320 Demon Hunter's Handbook Not set
GMG9700 DM Campaign Tracker Not set
GMG4330 Lethal Legacies: Traps of the World Before Not set
GMG4001 Monsters of the Boundless Blue: The Wanderers Guide to Aquatic Organisms Not set
GMG4000 Monsters of the Endless Dark: The Wanderers Guild Guide to Subterranean Organisms Not set
GMG4100 Morningstar Not set
GMG4002 Primeval Groves: The Wanderers Guild Guide to Dangerous and Unusual Plant Life Not set
GMG3004 The Complete Guide to Beholders Not set
GMG3000 The Complete Guide to Dopplegangers Not set
GMG3008 The Complete Guide to Dragonkin Not set
GMG3006 The Complete Guide to Drow Not set
GMG3009 The Complete Guide to Fey Not set
GMG3003 The Complete Guide to Liches Not set
GMG3005 The Complete Guide to Rakshasa Not set
GMG3002 The Complete Guide to Treants Not set
GMG3007 The Complete Guide to Vampires Not set
GMG3001 The Complete Guide to Wererats Not set
GMG3010 The Complete Guide to Werewolves Not set
GMG4310 The Power Gamer's 3.5 Warrior Strategy Guide Not set
GMG4311 The Power Gamer's 3.5 Wizard Strategy Guide Not set
GMG2003 Underdark Adventure Guide Not set

Green Ronin Publishing

Reference Title Product Line
GRR1002 Death In Freeport Not set
GRR1014 Secret College of Necromancy Not set
GRR1107 Aasimar & Tiefling: A Guidebook to the Planetouched Not set
GRR1411 Advanced Bestiary Not set
GRR1603 Advanced Gamemaster's Guide Not set
GRR1602 Advanced Player's Manual Not set
GRR1011 Aracana: Societies of Magic Not set
GRR1012 Armies of the Abyss Not set
GRR1028 Artifacts of the Ages: Rings Not set
GRR1022 Artifacts of the Ages: Swords and Staves Not set
GRR1104 Bastards & Bloodlines: A Guidebook to Half-Breeds Not set
GRR1024 Black Sails Over Freeport Not set
GRR1106 Bow & Blade: A Guidebook to Wood Elves Not set
GRR1008 Character Record Folio Not set
GRR1023 Character Record Folio (3.5 Updated) Not set
GRR1108 Corwyl: Village of the Wood Elves Not set
GRR1027 Creatures of Freeport Not set
GRR1017 Denizens of Freeport Not set
GRR1109 Dezzavold: Fortress of the Drow Not set
GRR1029 Dungeons of Doom Not set
GRR1105 Fang & Fury: A Guidebook to Vampires Not set
GRR1007 Freeport: The City of Adventure Not set
GRR1101 Hammer & Helm: A Guidebook to Dwarves Not set
GRR1006 Hell in Freeport Not set
GRR1009 Jade Dragons & Hungry Ghosts Not set
GRR1005 Legions of Hell Not set
GRR1004 Madness in Freeport Not set
GRR1401 Monsters of the Mind Not set
GRR1407 Mythic Vistas: Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra Not set
GRR1410 Mythic Vistas: Eternal Rome Not set
GRR1403 Mythic Vistas: Medieval Player's Manual Not set
GRR1402 Mythic Vistas: Mindshadows Not set
GRR1404 Mythic Vistas: Spirosblaak Not set
GRR1103 Plot & Poison: A Guidebook to Drow Not set
GRR1201 Pocket Grimoire Arcane Not set
GRR1202 Pocket Grimoire Divine Not set
GRR1203 Pocket Magica Not set
GRR1018 Skull & Bones: Swashbuckling Horror in the Golden Age of Piracy Not set
GRR1020 Tales of Freeport Not set
GRR1030 Temple Quarter Not set
GRR1003 Terror in Freeport Not set
GRR1019 Testament: Roleplaying in the Biblical Era Not set
GRR1301 The Assassin's Handbook Not set
GRR1303 The Avatar's Handbook Not set
GRR1409 The Black Company Not set
GRR1025 The Book of Fiends Not set
GRR1015 The Book of the Righteous Not set
GRR1307 The Cavalier's Handbook Not set
GRR1305 The Noble's Handbook Not set
GRR1306 The Psychic's Handbook Not set
GRR1013 The Shaman's Handbook Not set
GRR1304 The Unholy Warrior's Handbook Not set
GRR1302 The Witch's Handbook Not set
GRR1026 Thieves' Quarter Not set
GRR1102 Wrath & Rage: A Guidebook to Orcs & Half-Orcs Not set

Guildhouse Games

Reference Title Product Line
GHS1001 A Green Place to Die Not set
GHS1006 A Mage's Tale Not set
GHS1002 A Thief's Tale Not set
GHS1005 Dark and Stormy Night Not set
GHS1010 Gatekeeper's Adventure Bundle Not set
GHS1003 Red or White Not set
GHS1004 The Plague of Nyrathoth Not set
GHS1000 The Succubus Bride Not set

Judges Guild

Reference Title Product Line
City State of the Invincible Overlord Not set

Kenzer and Company

Reference Title Product Line
K&C1006 Dungeon Master's Shield Kingdoms of Kalamar

Malhavoc Press

Reference Title Product Line
WW16113 A Player's Guide to Ptolus Not set
Anger of Angels Core Products
Arcan Evolved: The Dragons' Return Not set
Arcana Evolved Spell Treasury Not set
Arcana Evolved: A Variant Player's Handbook Not set
Arcana Evolved: Ruins of Intrigue Not set
Arcana Evolved: Transcendence Not set
WW16140 Arcana Unearthed Not set
WW16108 Beyond Countless Doorways Not set
WW16101 Book of Eldritch Might II : Songs and Souls of Power Core Products
WW16102 Book of Eldritch Might III: The Nexus Core Products
WW16106 Book of Hallowed Might II: Portents and Visions Not set
WW16104 Chaositech Not set
WW16122 Cry Havoc Not set
WW16100 Demon God's Fane Core Products
WW16152 Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics Core Products
WW16150 If Thoughts Could Kill Core Products
WW16151 Mindscapes Not set
WW16120 Requiem for a God Not set
WW16111 The Banewarrens Core Products
WW16100 The Book of Eldritch Might Core Products
WW16103 The Book of Hallowed Might Not set
WW16109 The Book of Iron Might Core Products
WW16112 The Book of Roguish Luck Core Products
The Collected Book of Experimental Might Not set
WW16105 The Complete Book of Eldritch Might Core Products
WW16133 The Year's Best D20 Volume One Not set
Unearthed Arcana: Mystic Secrets: The Lore of Word and Rune Not set
When the Sky Falls Not set

Mongoose Publishing

Reference Title Product Line
MGP1007 Encyclopaedia Divine: Fey Magic - Dreaming the Reverie Not set
MGP5003 Cities of Fantasy : HighThrone Not set
MGP5001 Cities of Fantasy : Skraag Not set
MGP5002 Cities of Fantasy : Stormhaven Not set
MGP5004 Cities of Fantasy: Stonebridge Not set
MGP8804 Classic Play: Book of Adventuring Not set
MGP8802 Classic Play: Book of Dragons Not set
MGP8803 Classic Play: Book of Encounters & Lairs Not set
MGP8807 Classic Play: Book of Hell Not set
MGP8801 Classic Play: Book of Strongholds & Dynasties Not set
MGP8806 Classic Play: Book of the Planes Not set
MGP8805 Classic Play: Book of the Sea Not set
MGP1021 Encyclopaedia Arcane : Abjuration Not set
MGP1005 Encyclopaedia Arcane : Battle Magic - The Eldritch Storm Not set
MGP1003 Encyclopaedia Arcane : Chaos Magic - Wild Sorcery Not set
MGP1026 Encyclopaedia Arcane : Compendium Volume 1 Not set
MGP1002 Encyclopaedia Arcane : Necromancy - Beyond the Grave Not set
MGP1004 Encyclopaedia Arcane: Constructs - It Is Alive Not set
MGP1001 Encyclopaedia Arcane: Demonology - The Dark Road Not set
MGP1008 Encyclopaedia Arcane: Elementalism Not set
MGP1023 Encyclopaedia Arcane: Magic Iitem Creation Not set
MGP1011 Encyclopaedia Arcane: Star Magic Not set
MGP1006 Encyclopaedia Divine: Shamans - The Call of the Wild Not set
MGP1024 Encyclopaedia Psionica : World Shapers Not set
MGP1050 Monster Encyclopaedia Volume One : Ravagers of the Realms Not set
MGP1051 Monster Encyclopaedia Volume Two : Dark Bestiary Not set
MGP1101 Power Classes I: Assassin Not set
MGP1102 Power Classes II: Gladiator Not set
MGP1103 Power Classes III: Exorcist Not set
MGP1104 Power Classes IV: Noble Not set
MGP1109 Power Classes IX: Pirate Not set
MGP1105 Power Classes V: Knight Not set
MGP1106 Power Classes VI: Artificier Not set
MGP1107 Power Classes VII: Hedge Wizard Not set
MGP1108 Power Classes VIII: Explorer Not set
MGP1110 Power Classes X: Alchemist Not set
MGP1111 Power Classes XI: Cabalist Not set
MGP1112 Power Classes XII: Fool Not set
Seas of Blood : Fantasy on the High Seas Not set
MGP5005 Sheoloth: City of the Drow Not set
MGP3003 Ships of the Elves Travellers' Tales
MGP3004 Ships of War Travellers' Tales
MGP8882 The Book of Immortals Not set
MGP2220 The Mongoose Pocket Players Handbook Not set
MGP6001 The Planes : Feuerring Not set
MGP6002 The Planes : Zahhak Not set
MGP4014 The Quintessential Barbarian Not set
MGP4015 The Quintessential Bard Not set
MGP4412 The Quintessential Bard II Not set
MGP4023 The Quintessential Chaos Mage Not set
MGP4003 The Quintessential Cleric Not set
MGP4403 The Quintessential Cleric II Not set
MGP4018 The Quintessential Drow Not set
MGP4010 The Quintessential Druid Not set
MGP4408 The Quintessential Druid II Not set
MGP4006 The Quintessential Dwarf Not set
MGP4406 The Quintessential Dwarf II Not set
MGP4005 The Quintessential Elf Not set
MGP4405 The Quintessential Elf II Not set
MGP4001 The Quintessential Fighter Not set
MGP4401 The Quintessential Fighter II Not set
MGP4016 The Quintessential Gnome Not set
MFP4020 The Quintessential Halfling Not set
MGP4021 The Quintessential Half-Orc Not set
MGP4022 The Quintessential Human Not set
MGP4007 The Quintessential Monk Not set
MGP4407 The Quintessential Monk II Not set
MGP4012 The Quintessential Paladin Not set
MGP4409 The Quintessential Paladin II Not set
MGP4013 The Quintessential Psion Not set
MGP4009 The Quintessential Psychic Warrior Not set
MGP4019 The Quintessential Ranger Not set
MGP4411 The Quintessential Ranger II Not set
MGP4002 The Quintessential Rogue Not set
MGP4402 The Quintessential Rogue II Not set
MGP4011 The Quintessential Samurai Not set
MGP4017 The Quintessential Sorcerer Not set
MGP4008 The Quintessential Witch Not set
MGP4004 The Quintessential Wizard Not set
MGP4404 The Quintessential Wizard II Not set
MGP0005 The Slayer's Guide to Amazons Not set
MGP0007 The Slayer's Guide to Bugbears Not set
MGP003 The Slayer's Guide to Centaurs Not set
MGP0023 The Slayer's Guide to Demons Not set
MGP0019 The Slayer's Guide to Derro Not set
MGP0009 The Slayer's Guide to Dragons Not set
MGP0014 The Slayer's Guide to Duergar Not set
MGP0026 The Slayer's Guide to Elementals: Primal Fury Not set
MGP0013 The Slayer's Guide to Female Gamers Not set
MGP0021 The Slayer's Guide to Games Masters Not set
MGP0022 The Slayer's Guide to Giants Not set
MGP0002 The Slayer's Guide to Gnolls Not set
MGP0020 The Slayer's Guide to Goblins Not set
MGP0017 The Slayer's Guide to Harpies Not set
MGP0001 The Slayer's Guide to Hobgoblins Not set
MGP0018 The Slayer's Guide to Kobolds Not set
MGP0027 The Slayer's Guide to Lizardfolk Not set
MGP0012 The Slayer's Guide to Medusas Not set
MGP0096 The Slayer's Guide to Minotaurs Not set
MGP0028 The Slayer's Guide to Ogres Not set
MGP0010 The Slayer's Guide to Orcs Not set
MGP0011 The Slayer's Guide to Rules Lawyers Not set
MGP0006 The Slayer's Guide to Sahuagin Not set
MGP0029 The Slayer's Guide to Scorpionfolk Not set
MGP0025 The Slayer's Guide to Titans Not set
MGP0004 The Slayer's Guide to Troglodytes Not set
MGP0008 The Slayer's Guide to Trolls Not set
MGP0016 The Slayer's Guide to Undead Not set
MGP0015 The Slayer's Guide To Yuan-Ti Not set

MonkeyGod Enterprises

Reference Title Product Line
Song of Storms Not set
MKY1101 Tales From The Blood Plateau - Carvan Of Hope Not set
The Magic Dump Not set
The Ruins of Rackfall Not set
The Scourge of Kaftport Not set

Necromancer Games

Reference Title Product Line
WW8379 Aberrations Not set
WW8375 Chaos Rising Not set
Demons and Devils Not set
WW8390 Gary Gygax's Necropolis Not set
Maze of Zayene: Dimensions of Flight Not set
Morrick Mansion Not set
WW8380 Prisoners of the Maze Not set
WW8360 Rappan Athuk - The Dungeon of Graves: The Upper Levels Not set
Rappan Athuk Reloaded Core Products
The Bonegarden Not set
WW8350 The Crucible of Freya Core Products
TLGNGB2 The Lost City of Barakus Not set
The Mother of All Encounter Tables Misc.
The Siege of Durgam's Folly Not set
The Tomb of Abysthor Not set
Trouble at Durbenford Not set
TLGNGF1 Vindication Not set

Nightshift Games

Reference Title Product Line
CFE4101 In the Depths of Blackwater Not set
CFE4001 The Horror Beneath Not set

Otherworld Creations

Reference Title Product Line
OWC2001 Into the Darkness Not set

Pinwheel Games

Reference Title Product Line
PWG2001 Evil's Lesser Minions Not set

Sovereign Press

Reference Title Product Line
SVP3003 Bestiary of Loerem Sovereign Stone
SVP3002 Codex Mysterium Sovereign Stone
SVP3301 Escape Into Darkness Sovereign Stone
SVP3009 Kingdoms of the Sword & Stars - Dunkargans & Karnuans Sovereign Stone
SVP3008 Marauders of the Wolf: The Dwarves Sovereign Stone
SVP3007 Old Vinnengael: City of Sorrows Sovereign Stone
SVP3302 Sanctuary Sovereign Stone
SVP3001 Sovereign Stone Campaign Sourcebook Sovereign Stone
SVP3006 The Taan Sovereign Stone

Sword & Sorcery

Reference Title Product Line
A Lamentation of Thieves Not set
Advanced Player's Guide Not set
WW17202 Alliance & Horde Compendium Warcraft
WWP8328 Blood Bayou Scarred Lands
WW8329 Blood Sea Scarred Lands
WWP8326 Burok Torn : City Under Siege Scarred Lands
WWP8324 Calastia : Throne of the Black Dragon Scarred Lands
WWP8300 Creature Collection I Scarred Lands
WWP8302 Creature Collection I (Revised) Scarred Lands
WWP8301 Creature Collection II : Dark Menagerie Scarred Lands
WWP8303 Creature Collection III : Savage Bestiary Scarred Lands
WWP8313 DM Screen Scarred Lands
WW8336 Echoes of the Past : The Slarecian Legacy Scarred Lands
WWP8319 Edge of Infinity Scarred Lands
WWP8322 Hollowfaust : City of Necromancers Scarred Lands
WWP8323 Hornsaw : Forest of Blood Scarred Lands
WW17204 Lands of Conflict Warcraft
WW17203 Magic & Mayhem Warcraft
WW17201 Manual of Monsters Warcraft
WWP8321 Mithril : City of the Golem Scarred Lands
WWP8308 Player's Guide to Clerics and Druids Scarred Lands
WWP8307 Player's Guide to Fighters and Barbarians Scarred Lands
Player's Guide to Monks and Paladins Scarred Lands
Player's Guide to Rangers and Rogues Scarred Lands
WWP8306 Player's Guide to Wizards, Bards and Sorcerers Scarred Lands
WWP8310 Relics & Rituals Core Products
Relics & Rituals Excalibur Not set
WWP8314 Relics & Rituals II : Lost Lore Core Products
WWP8320 Scarred Lands Gazetteer : Ghelspad Scarred Lands
WW8340 Scarred Lands Gazetteer : Termana Scarred Lands
Secrets & Societies Scarred Lands
Shadows & Light Warcraft
WWP8327 Shelzar : City of Sins Scarred Lands
Strange Lands : Lost Tribes of the Scared Lands Scarred Lands
WWP8341 Termana - Campaign Setting Scarred Lands
WWP8311 The Divine and the Defeated Scarred Lands
WWP8317 The Faithful and the Forsaken Scarred Lands
WWP8316 The Penumbral Pentagon Scarred Lands
WW8333 The Serpent and the Scepter Scarred Lands
The Serpent Citadel Scarred Lands
WWP8312 The Wise & the Wicked Scarred Lands
WW8386 The Wurst Of Grimtooth's Traps Core Products
WW8397 Tome of Artifacts Not set
WWP8330 Vigil Watch : Warrens of the Ratmen Scarred Lands
WW8331 Wilderness & Wasteland : Scarred Lands Encounters Scarred Lands

Troll Lord Games

Reference Title Product Line
TLG1401 A Lion in the Ropes Not set
TLG1204 Bergholt: By Shadow of Night Not set
TLG1902 Blood Royal Not set
TLG1014 Cities & Settlements Not set
TLG1010 Codex of Erde World of Erde
TLG1202 Dzeebagd: Under Dark and Misty Ground Not set
TLG1203 Felsentheim: Dogs of War Not set
TLG1501 Galal's Grave Not set
TLG1652 Halls of Wood, Halls of Stone Not set
TLG1013 Path of the Magi Not set
TLG1901 St. Anton's Fire Not set
TLG1100 The Book of Familiars Not set
TLG1703 The Fantastic Adventure Not set
TLG1801 The Heart of Glass Not set
TLG1601 The Malady of Kings Not set
TLG1701 The Mortality of Green Not set
TLG1907 The Temple of Kubla Khan Not set
TLG1908 The Tomb of Kubla Khan Not set
TLG1702 Vakhund: Into the Unknown Not set
TLG1602 Winter Runes Not set

Wicked Press

Reference Title Product Line
WP2001 What's That Smell? Not set