Reference Title Product Line Editor
9172 Adventures in Blackmoor DA Serie TSR
9284 Arena of Thyatis Mystara TSR
9350 Assault on Raven's Ruin Entry Level TSR
9037C Basic Character Record Sheets (booklet) Core Products TSR
9211 Bestiary of Dragons and Giants Core Products TSR
KSR638 Black Dragon Bog Misc. Kid Stuff
6065 Black Opal Eye RPGA TSR
9108 Blade of Vengeance Core Products TSR
9067 Blizzard Pass Mystara TSR
113 Book of Treasure Maps Not set Judges Guild
320 Book of Treasure Maps II Not set Judges Guild
3 Booklet I Not set Judges Guild
47 Campaign Hexagon System Core Products Judges Guild
Cartoon Show Book 4 : The Maze and the Magic Dragon Misc. TSR
9051 Castle Amber D&D Expert Set TSR
60 Castle Book I Not set Judges Guild
9143 Castle Caldwell and Beyond D&D Basic Set TSR
1094 Champions of Mystara : Heroes of the Princess Ark Challenger TSR
9363 Character & Monster Assortment Entry Level TSR
9014 Character record sheets Core Products TSR
9014 Character Record Sheets (pad) Core Products TSR
29 Characters Checklist Not set Judges Guild
63 Citadel of Fire Core Products Judges Guild
9191 City of the Gods DA Serie TSR
4 City State Player Map Not set Judges Guild
Colorforms Adventure Set Misc. Mattel
9438 Creature Catalog Challenger TSR
9173 Creature Catalogue Core Products TSR
9368 Creature Crucible: Night Howlers Creature Crucible TSR
9254 Creature Crucible: Tall Tales of the Wee Folk Creature Crucible TSR
9277 Creature Crucible: The Sea People Creature Crucible TSR
9255 Creature Crucible: Top Ballista Creature Crucible TSR
9218 Crown of Ancient Glory D&D Expert Set TSR
9056 Curse of Xanathon D&D Expert Set TSR
1001 D&D 2nd edition Basic Set Core Rules TSR
2001 D&D 2nd edition rulebook Core Rules TSR
2014 D&D 3rd edition Basic Set Core Rules TSR
2015 D&D 3rd edition Expert Set Core Rules TSR
1011 D&D 4th edition Basic Rules Core Rules TSR
1013 D&D 4th edition Companion Rules Core Rules TSR
1012 D&D 4th edition Expert Rules Core Rules TSR
1017 D&D 4th edition Immortals Rules Core Rules TSR
1021 D&D 4th edition Master Rules Core Rules TSR
1070 D&D 5th edition entry-level Core Rules TSR
1071 D&D 5th edition Rules Cyclopedia Core Rules TSR
1106 D&D 6th edition Classic Core Rules TSR
9308 D&D Character Record Sheets Core Rules TSR
9099 D&D Combat Shield/The Treasure of the Hideous One Core Products TSR
1037 Dawn of the Emperors : Thyatis and Alphatia Core Products TSR
9118 Death's Ride D&D Companion Set TSR
9437 DM Screen/Escape From Thunder Rift Challenger TSR
1100 Dragon Quest(R) Game Misc. TSR
9121 Dragon Tiles I/The Kidnapping of Princess Arelina Core Products TSR
9145 Dragon Tiles II/The Revenge of Rusak Core Products TSR
9127 Drums on Fire Mountain D&D Expert Set TSR
Dungeon Adventurers Core Products Citadel
9004 Dungeon Geomorphs Set One: Basic Dungeon Core Products TSR
9006 Dungeon Geomorphs Set Three: Lower Dungeons Core Products TSR
9005 Dungeon Geomorphs Set Two: Caves & Caverns Core Products TSR
9048 Dungeon Geomorphs Sets One to Three Core Products TSR
Dungeon Monsters Core Products
2 Dungeon Tac Cards Not set Judges Guild
Dungeons & Dragons annual 1986 Misc. -
Dungeons & Dragons annual 1987 Misc. -
Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Boardgame Core Products -
Dungeons & Dragons Computer Fantasy Game Core Products Mattel
Dungeons & Dragons Jigsaw Puzzle Misc. American Publishing Corp.
Dungeons & Dragons Jigsaw Puzzle "Dungeon of Dread" Misc. American Publishing Corp.
Dungeons & Dragons Jigsaw Puzzle "Pillars of Pentegarn" Misc. American Publishing Corp.
Dungeons & Dragons Jigsaw Puzzle "Revolt of the Dwarves" Misc. American Publishing Corp.
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara Core Products Capcom
Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom Dark Sun Strategic Simulations Inc. (SSI)
Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun Hollow World Strategic Simulations Inc. (SSI)
Dwarven Glory Core Products TSR
9128 Earthshaker D&D Companion Set TSR
9271 Eye of Traldar Mystara TSR
Fantasy Candy Figures Misc. -
Fantasy Empires Mystara Strategic Simulations Inc. (SSI)
9204 Five Coins for a Kingdom D&D Master Set TSR
Games Book Misc. Bobby Master
9097 Ghost of Lion Castle D&D Basic Set TSR
Hex Sheet (pad) Not set Games Workshop
8007 Hexagonal Mapping Booklet Misc. TSR
1054 Hollow World campaign setting Hollow World TSR
Hologram 1 Misc. Nabisco
Hologram 2 Misc. Nabisco
Hologram 3 Misc. Nabisco
Hologram 4 Misc. Nabisco
Hologram 5 Misc. Nabisco
Hologram 6 Misc. Nabisco
9078 Horror on the Hill D&D Basic Set TSR
9190 In Search of Adventure D&D Basic Set TSR
9023 In Search of the Unknown D&D Basic Set TSR
9436 In the Phantom's Wake Entry Level TSR
9159 Into the Maelstrom D&D Master Set TSR
2517 Joshuan's Almanac & book of Facts Mystara TSR
9106 Journey to the Rock D&D Basic Set TSR
9339 Kingdom of Nithia Hollow World TSR
9260 King's Festival D&D Basic Set TSR
9082 Lathan's Gold D&D Expert Set TSR
9210 Legacy of Blood D&D Companion Set TSR
9296 Legions of Thyatis Mystara TSR
9068 Master of the Desert Nomads D&D Expert Set TSR
9156 Master Player Screen/The Spindle Core Products TSR
9060 Maze of the Riddling Minotaurs Mystara TSR
34 Modron Core Products Judges Guild
9011 Monster & Treasure Assortment Set One: Levels One-Three Core Products TSR
9015 Monster & Treasure Assortment Set Three: Levels Seven-Nine Core Products TSR
9012 Monster & Treasure Assortment Set Two: Levels Four-Six Core Products TSR
9047 Monster & Treasure Assortment Sets One-Three : Levels One-Nine Core Products TSR
Monsters Misc. Ral Partha
9154 Mystery of the Snow Pearls D&D Companion Set TSR
9310 Nightrage Hollow World TSR
9149 Night's Dark Terror D&D Basic Set TSR
9311 Nightstorm Hollow World TSR
9303 Nightwail Hollow World TSR
Non player Character records Core Products TSR
Orc War action scene kit Not set TSR
Order of the Griffon Mystara Strategic Simulations Inc. (SSI)
45390000 Original Dungeons & Dragons RPG Core Rules TSR
9008 Outdoor Geomorphs Set One: Walled City Core Products TSR
9044 Palace of the Silver Princess D&D Basic Set TSR
Palace of the Vampire Queen Core Products TSR
Play by Mail Game Core Products -
9037 Player Character Record Sheets Core Products TSR
9037 Player Character record sheets Core Products TSR
9037 Player character record sheets Core Products TSR
9028 Player Character Record Sheets Core Products TSR
9037 Player character record sheets Core Products TSR
9372 Poor Wizard's Almanac Challenger TSR
9441 Poor Wizard's Almanac II Challenger TSR
2506 Poor Wizard's Almanac III Challenger TSR
Quadrille Graph paper Misc. TSR
9081 Quagmire! D&D Expert Set TSR
9261 Queen's Harvest D&D Basic Set TSR
Quest for the Cursed Bone Misc. Kid Stuff
Quest for the Fazzlewood Core Products TSR
9114 Quest for the Heartstone D&D Expert Set TSR
9342 Quest for the Silver Sword Entry Level TSR
9435 Rage of the Rakasta Entry Level TSR
6064 Rahasia RPGA TSR
9115 Rahasia D&D Basic Set TSR
14 Ready Ref Sheets Core Products Judges Guild
9160 Red Arrow, Black Shield D&D Expert Set TSR
Reed Party Bags Misc. -
9119 Sabre River D&D Companion Set TSR
9165 Saga of the Shadow Lord D&D Expert Set TSR
9188 Skarda's Mirror D&D Expert Set TSR
Sliding Puzzle Misc. -
Sliding Puzzle Paladin Not set -
9332 Sons of Azca Hollow World TSR
Sticker Book Misc. -
Stronghold Core Products Strategic Simulations Inc. (SSI)
9387 Sword & Shield Entry Level TSR
9214 Talons of Night D&D Master Set TSR
9069 Temple of Death D&D Expert Set TSR
9175 Temple of the Frog DA Serie TSR
9117 Test of the Warlords D&D Companion Set TSR
8449 The Art of the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Game Misc. TSR
The Art of TSR Fantasy Art Puzzle "Raid on Nightmare Castle" Misc. SunsOut
9306 The Atruaghin Clans Mystara TSR
9207 The Best of Intentions D&D Immortal Set TSR
9116 The Book of Marvelous Magic Core Products TSR
9220 The Book of Wondrous Inventions Core Products TSR
102 The Caverns of Thracia Not set Judges Guild
1073 The Dragon's Den adventure pack Core Products TSR
9205 The Duchy of Ten DA Serie TSR
9227 The Dwarves of Rockhome Mystara TSR
9272 The Dymrak Dread Mystara TSR
9404 The Eastern Countries Trail Map Core Products TSR
9223 The Elves of Alfheim Mystara TSR
9194 The Emirates of Ylaruam Mystara TSR
9192 The Endless Stair D&D Companion Set TSR
9232 The Five Shires Mystara TSR
9050 The Gem and the Staff Mystara TSR
1076 The Goblin's Lair Core Products TSR
9246 The Golden Khan of Ethengar Mystara TSR
9193 The Grand Duchy of Karameikos Mystara TSR
1081 The Haunted Tower adventure pack Core Products TSR
9171 The Immortal Storm D&D Immortal Set TSR
9043 The Isle of Dread D&D Expert Set TSR
9259 The Jade Hare Core Products TSR
9034 The Keep On the Borderlands D&D Basic Set TSR
9215 The Kingdom of Ierendi Mystara TSR
9434 The Knight of Newts Entry Level TSR
9049 The Lost City D&D Basic Set TSR
9384 The Milenian Empire Hollow World TSR
9378 The Milenian Scepter Hollow World TSR
9236 The Minrothad Guilds Mystara TSR
9230 The Northern Reaches Mystara TSR
9241 The Orcs of Thar Mystara TSR
9208 The Principalities of Glantri Mystara TSR
9250 The Republic of Darokin Mystara TSR
9129 The Savage Coast D&D Expert Set TSR
9287 The Shadow Elves Mystara TSR
9100 The Shady Dragon Inn Core Products TSR
9166 The Tree of Life D&D Companion Set TSR
GR5101 The Ultimate Unofficial Collector's Guide to D&D Volume One Misc. Gamers Rule
GR5102 The Ultimate Unofficial Collector's Guide to D&D Volume Two Misc. Gamers Rule
9086 The Veiled Society D&D Basic Set TSR
9079 The War Rafts of Kron D&D Expert Set TSR
9403 The Western Countries Trail Map Core Products TSR
9189 The Wrath of Olympus D&D Immortal Set TSR
9357 Thunder Rift Entry Level TSR
9157 Thunderdelve Mountain Mystara TSR
9174 Twilight Calling D&D Master Set TSR
Under the Storm Giant's Castle Not set Judges Guild
Up the garden path Core Products TSR
9148 Vengeance of Alphaks D&D Master Set TSR
9158 Where Chaos Reigns D&D Companion Set TSR
1082 Wrath of the Immortals Challenger TSR