Details pour Ken Rolston

Reference Title Edition Serie
9323 Charlemagne's Paladins Campaign Sourcebook AD&D 2nd Edition Core Rules
9124 Conan Against Darkness AD&D 1st Edition Conan
Gli Emirati di Ylaruam D&D Mystara
9162 Lankhmar : City of Adventure rulebook AD&D 1st Edition Lankhmar
9194 Les Emirats d'Ylaruam D&D Mystara
9170 Swords of Deceit AD&D 1st Edition Lankhmar
9207 The Best of Intentions D&D D&D Immortal Set
1073 The Dragon's Den adventure pack D&D Core Products
9194 The Emirates of Ylaruam D&D Mystara
9110 The Lost Island of Castanamir AD&D 1st Edition Greyhawk
9230 The Northern Reaches D&D Mystara